Life of Continues

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Experience the Real World of Life

What is so great when a captain of a restaurant looking down to their customer that come inside to have their lunch? Truly it is really unintelligent I would like to say to the captain who did that. This is what I heard from a person that really close to me and if really have chance I would like to go to that restaurant and see how great is the captain handling and serving his guest. Today I did my second experience the real world of life where I went to a restaurant and I have order quite a lot of portion of food which I quite satisfy with their service, if giving a chance for me to grade their service on serving the guest, I would give B+. So I’m sure you all want to know what food that I have order for my lunch right?

1st. Wanton Mee Dry – RM13.04

2nd Chee Cheong Fun – RM6. 95

3rd Gelato 1 Scoop (apple flavor) – RM5.22

4th Ambra Sour Plum Ice – RM8.26

5th Warm Water – RM0.87

· 5% Government Tax – RM1.72
· Service Charge – RM3.43

Total: RM39.50

For a lunch which I spent RM39.50 which was not reliable but is worth in many aspect of life.

Comment on food:

1st – was just nice but compare to outside was still far away to go, the wanton is nice,just the price of the 1st menu was not reliable, I would like to spent on this 1st RM9.90.

2nd –was good and taste nice to eat, price was reliable
3rd –one scoop of gelato cost RM5.22? not reliable which was not that nice but can
improve more if they didn’t put the dry grapes on the gelato.

4th –this drink which I first time try it, was nice and the taste was good
5th –warm water RM0.87 is reliable for a restaurant at The Gardens.

This restaurant can improve more in their perception concept of their stalls because now their style is like just a high class food court and not really a restaurant style just their service and outside appearance was just a restaurant and can improve more. Keep in up and work harder “Gurney Drive”.