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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

JOGOYA Restaurant - StarHill

This is actually a mango pudding. . .

Slice fish . . .

Sushi . . .

Steamboat . . . haha
I like this the most . . . simple and nice

Table for : 2
Late Lunch : RM68.00 per-person
Service Charge + Gov Tax : RM20.40
Total : RM156.40
Comment : Well first of all sorry for inconvenience on the picture because is quite blur for certain picture and actually i ate a lot just forgot to take picture due to is buffet so forgot to take picture. Haha... I heard from a lot of friends saying Jogaya is nice to dine-in. So i have experience it myself, and the food is just okay and there is not much of choices also. Just the first impression of food is good but after you eat about half and hour you will see there is actually not much of food and almost all is the same. So overall for this 72/100 and add on something on drinks, the wine is not nice. Is true . . . ! Others was okay.

Restaurant Chardin ( Sea View ) Port Dickson

For this sememster i have been to Port Dickson to have my vacation at there. And this is the seafood restaurant i have been. Just some simple seafood for dinner.
Sorry for lately did not update a lot in blog due to my busy schedule and update also very simple without many comment and price of the food. Bye!

Haagen Dazs KLCC

Lately, I have been searching for something cold to eat, and this is what i have get, The Haagen Dazs ice cream ! Is a healthy ice cream and quality ice cream.

Madam Kwan's Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Back to Back with Madam Kwan's Cuisine which is always the best choice if you are hungry and don't know where you wanted to go . . .
Hmm... this restaurant i've been eat for many time and haven reach up to my blog yet, so this time i choose it as my first new year 2009 first restaurant.
Overall : 70/100 for this restaurant.