Life of Continues

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KAMEYA Japanese Restaurant&Pub

Apple Juice - RM5.00
Green Tea
Salmon Sashimi - RM25.00> This is pretty awesome salmon, the slice is really big, is actually 5 pcs but too hungry already, so after eat only remember to take photo. MUST TRY!
Shake.O & Ume Origiri - RM3.00 per pcs > Not so nice, no comment for it !
Rainbow Maki - RM28.00 > you see the color already know that nice right? Haha.. Not bad..
Una Don - RM28.00> This is the common Una Don but the taste is GOOD! MUST TRY!
Tempura Soba - RM23.00>Just normal...
Include with Tempura Soba.
Table for : 2
5% Gov. Tax - RM5.75
Net Total - RM115.00
10% Service Charge - RM11.50
Total - RM132.25
Overall: 7.5/10

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nan Xiang Mantou Dian, The Curve

Nan Xiang Mantou Dian, The Curve
The environment...
Begin with...
Mango Juice – RM5.00
XO Glutinous – RM14.00
Crab Roe Soup – RM15.00 *Kelly I manage to find this restaurant and eat this.. Haha..
Six Clover Leaf – RM18.00Herbal Pork Noodles Soup – RM15.00
Noodles W. Minced Meat – RM11.00
Shanghainese Fried Rice – RM8.00
Bird Nest Mango Puree – RM20.00
Snow Fungus With Longan – RM5.00
Plain Water – RM2.00 for Two
Sub Total – RM114.00

Service Charge – RM11.40

Net Total – RM125.40
Table for: 4

Comment: The food at here was great,yummy and delicious. One word "GREAT". MUST TRY IT. This restaurant actually going to open at Pavilion soon but don't know why suddenly didn't open and change to Italian restaurant. Maybe rental very high at Pavilion, but I think if this restaurant manage to open in Pavilion then Dragon-i will also below you as well because your Chinese cuisine food was really tasty and yummy, anyway, I manage to have it at The Curve.
Overall: 8/10

Monday, August 11, 2008


Recently I went to this Restaurant near Jalan Alor, the food was... 65%, is an Italy restaurant, sorry for the name of the food because i'm not remember the name and the receipt was not at me so i not so sure about the name and the price.. Hehe... Apple Honey and etc; Dunno the juice call what... On the plate is Italy style mushroom soup, dont judge the soup by its look. Haha..
Strawberry milkshake. The taste was different compare to normal strawberry milkshare because this milkshake you really taste every single strawberry flavour deeply..
Salmon salad, hmm... not really good compare to Pavilion C. Club salmon salad.
Chicken Breast dunno what what... haha.. sorry for the name., average..
Lamb Shank. Not bad.. 7/10... Can Try IT ! !

Environment: Good,
Date: 08/08/08 during the Olympic Opening Ceremony.
Overall: OK!