Life of Continues

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dain Ti Hill

Sunday 24 February 2008, tasting every nice food at every where is one of my hobby where it cannot be deny that my tongue like to taste every great food. Today I found out that one of my friend where she got a same hobby as I do which like to go to taste nice food and enjoying the life of perfection. So, today we went to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, and found out there is a stylish restaurant inside there and where have order six different provisions:

1st – Seafood Stir Fried: RM16.00

2nd – Baked Rice Roll Combo: RM28.00

3rd – Potato Pumpkin Salad: RM9.00

4th – Mixed Fragrant Green Tea: RM9.00 ( no display picture )

5th – Hot Fragrant Yam Sago: RM12.00

6th – Strawberry and Raspberry (H&C Mixture Ice Cream): RM12.00

Service Charge: RM8.60
Total: RM94.60 (table for two)

1st – Simple and delicious noodles which have seafood pieces where while eating we can have the feeling of the noodles is alive. Taste good.

2nd – This is like sushi king roll which have the prawn on the top and the taste was nice too.

3rd – A starting which can give us the feeling of warm and fancy stylish dishes, the taste is good but is depend on everyone taste where my friend no so interested on it.

4th – This cold drink was not bad but I’m not sure what flavor but is really taste fine and the portion is quite big too.

5th – This dessert was pretty cool because it has a candle light at the bottom to maintain the dessert in the warm condition and the sago was taste good too just for me is not sweet enough.

6th – From all up there I would say this is the best for me where this ice cream have two layer, at the bottom have sweet potato which is warm and on top it have ice cream which is cold. During eat, we can really taste the mixture of two different warmth.

Overall: This restaurant provides at good quality environment, service was well and the food was creative and nice.