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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michelangelo's Restaurant-Deli-Bar Pavilion KL

Michelangelo's Restaurant-Deli-Bar Pavilion KL

Spaghetti Con Moecche - RM24.90
Salisbury Shiraz Carbernet - RM44.00
Tiramisu - RM15.90

Table for : 2

10% Service Charge : RM8.48

5% Government Tax : RM4.24

Total : RM97.52

It was a wonderful experience eating and paying next time, Have you ever try before? Better don't try it, first let's comment on the food above:

Spaghetti Con Moecche- Softshell crab with spaghetti, it seem like not mature crab cook with spaghetti, need some improvement on this dishes. The softshell crab for me is not nice.

Salisbury Shiraz Carbernet- Wine Vintage 2004 Australia, just fine...

Tiramisu- Need improvement, too much cream, inside was too soft, cannot taste the feel of a nice tiramisu.

Overall : 5.0/10.0

Service : Just fine, manager handling was okey, but staff need some improvement.

Monday, October 6, 2008

ITALIAN ON SIXTH, Restaurant&Bar, Pavilion KL

Italian On Sixth, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Danz Meriot Sixillia ( Red Vine ) - RM22.00
Starting with...
Ins. Gamberi - RM15.50
Frutti Mare - RM32.50

Table for : 1

Service Charge : 10% = RM7.00

Total : RM77.00

Comment : For more post of Italian On Sixth click HERE. The lot of this restaurant was actually Nan Xian Mantou Dian planning to open here but suddenly don't know what happen didn't open and then took over by Italian On Sixth. So, outside was great even inside was great too. Sadly to say that, it just open for one month plus, the menu was seem old and not as grand as I thought. Should improve a bit, even the writing on the menu was full of writing and no any picture of the food. Sad... But that is not so important, the IMPORTANT is the FOOD,
Well, the starter was nice and the prawn was fresh. Main course, hope can improve more on it because some of the mussels was not well clean which still got a lot of "sand". Others was good, and the vine that assistant manager recommended was NICE.

In Pavilion, there is three favourite restaurant i often visit which is The C.Club, Angus House and Italian On Sixth. Do click on the link of Angus House and C.Club to view more on their food. :)

Overall : 7.8/10