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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fedaral Sky Revolving Restaurant

No picture displayed !

The restaurant was one word " Aduh " food should upgrade a bit, at least..

But there is one thing good is really old style and suitable for those 18 century oldies....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The C.Club Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The C. Club Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pandan Salmon Starter – RM 32.00
Lobster Spaghetti – RM35.00
Lamb Loin – RM55.00
Yoghurt Panna Pudding – RM16.00
Tiramisu – RM20.00Malibu – RM16.00(behind the red wine)
Long Mountain Pinotage 2003, South Africa Red Wine (Glass) – RM25.00

Service Charge : RM19.90

Government Tax: RM9.95

Total : RM228.90

Table for : 2

Comment: The C. club Pavilion give us a luxury feeling and the feeling of tasting some elegant food. Service was very good; the waiters are good smiling and good manners. Just if can make this place more stylish and elegant then I will say is the best in Pavilion.

Comment on Food : Starter, you will thought pandan salmon will be quite a heavy for a starter but after tasted you will feel that it was as heavy as you think. The salmon was very fragrant and smooth.

Comment on lamb loin –medium-: I think this is the meat that where I never had so nice before where, fantastic accompany with red wine.

Comment on lobster spaghetti: The lobster meat was fresh where..(partner taste it)

Comment on Yoghurt Panna Pudding: This desert was actually quite simple, but is give us a taste of smoothie, but it also have a incorrect combination where on top on the pudding if don’t have nut will be better or change something juicy or creamy stuff.

Comment on Malibu: No comment ( was tasted by partner, she said was just fine )

Comment on Red wine : I’m not sure what point will give by wine spectrometer, but this wine was quite fragrant, red ruby in color, and is nice.

Overall : 90% (consider the highest point in Pavilion )

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Apartment Western Courtyard, The Curve

The Apartment Western Courtyard, The Curve

The environment

Butterfish - RM27.90
Hampstead Steak - RM44.90

CockTails Pink Magarita - RM23.90
Glass wine Tyrell Red - RM22.90
Starter Oriental Platter - RM19.90
Dessert Strawberry Parfait - RM10.90

Dessert Cup Cake - RM4.00 ( no display picture)

Service Charge - RM15.04

Government Tax - RM7.52

Total : RM181.00

Table for : 2

Comment : This place was average where was located at ground floor the curve. If can make this place more private and not let so many outsider walkers seing us eat then will be much better.

Starter was nice, combination of three dishes. mango, laici, sotong, potato, etc.

Red wine: Red ruby color and smell was quite fragrant.

Red Meet: Medium.. Not bad..can try it

Butterfish: Recomended, tasty.

Strawberry Parfait: Good

Cocktails: (comment for friend say weird but after that use to it, then enjoy it)

Overall: 76%

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Loaf Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The Loaf Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Deep Freeze Latte - RM8.90
Coco Jumbo - RM10.00
The Loaf Caesar Salad - RM18.00
Cajun Lobster Pasta - RM44.00
Lamb Chop Provenca - RM40.00

Service Charge 10% - RM12.08

Government Tax 5% - RM6.04

Total - RM138.90

Table for : 2

Comment :

Deep freeze latte: Unexpected ! is made up from freeze ice. Intelligent idea !

Coco Jumbo : Don't know nice or not because didn't try it because friend try it. Friend said not bad.

The Loaf Caesar Salad : Mixture of fried tomato and vegetables with a different taste compare to normal salad, this salad gives us a taste where is seem like a normal dishes but it is different from what we think.

Cajun Lobster Pasta : Thought of want to eat a great meal of lobster but this lobster is just an accompany dishes for the pasta where the pasta is the main idea of this dishe. The pasta is just nice but combination of taste a bit weird because of the spicy taste.

Lamb Chop Provenca: Yup, this is the dishes i like the most from dish up there. The lamb chop taste was great. Must try it.

Service: Good ! Really have the standard.

Overall : 83%

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Crystal Jade Kitchen Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Avocado Cream Pudding-RM8.00
Roasted Duck-RM18.00
Baby Kai Lan-RM13.80
Fried Fish Chip with Almond-RM26.80
Claypot Taufu-RM18.00
Rice-RM3.00 for 3 person
Warm Water-RM3.00 for 3 person
Table for: 3
Service&Government Tax-RM16.56
Comment: The first impression at this restaurant give me was nice but after taste the food inside there was just ordinary where certain food was nice for example the claypot taufu and the fried fish chip with the sauce. For the desert please take note that for the Avocado cream pudding was very low grade which I think that is a failure mixture of "gui ling go+mango+lok yau+sago". Seriously not my taste which i have to use the word awful. Sorry for that but that is true for a desert that printed extreme size and recomended as well inside your menu. Oh ya, if can please be request that people who take order have to be know how to promoting the food and explain to customer which is suitable and not.
Rate: 67%