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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Crystal Jade Kitchen Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Avocado Cream Pudding-RM8.00
Roasted Duck-RM18.00
Baby Kai Lan-RM13.80
Fried Fish Chip with Almond-RM26.80
Claypot Taufu-RM18.00
Rice-RM3.00 for 3 person
Warm Water-RM3.00 for 3 person
Table for: 3
Service&Government Tax-RM16.56
Comment: The first impression at this restaurant give me was nice but after taste the food inside there was just ordinary where certain food was nice for example the claypot taufu and the fried fish chip with the sauce. For the desert please take note that for the Avocado cream pudding was very low grade which I think that is a failure mixture of "gui ling go+mango+lok yau+sago". Seriously not my taste which i have to use the word awful. Sorry for that but that is true for a desert that printed extreme size and recomended as well inside your menu. Oh ya, if can please be request that people who take order have to be know how to promoting the food and explain to customer which is suitable and not.
Rate: 67%

6 warm regards:

KeLLy BaBy said...

the roasted duck seems like vy delicious wo!... nice bo?
silk road better?

Life Of Inspiration said...

silk road better.. the roasted duck quite nice geh...

*sasa* said...

avocado pudding.. where goes the avocado...............? =.=

Life Of Inspiration said...

-sasa- Yaloh.. kena tipu liow lol.. don't have avocado also..haiz...

tc said...

yoyo.. i'm here.. u resigned d? dah tak jumpa u..

=.='' very expensive.. lol.. but very hungry now..

*sasa* said...

haha.. cham cham.. lolz..