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Saturday, April 19, 2008

LA LOT Vietnamese Cuisine at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

LA LOT Vietnamese Cuisine

Steam Wrapped Roll - RM15.90
(Comment- was a nice starter dishes which contain mixture of ingredient and vegetable)
Squid Salad - RM25.90
(Comment- Not just squid salad but it contain prawn as well where quite a lot of mixture vegetables which seem like a garden seafood salad)
Rice – RM1.80
(Comment- Just a simple and normal rice as a sub dishes which accompany with the Vietnamese style prawn)
LemongGrass with Ginger Tea – RM8.90
(Comment- Different people different taste, some will say Yucks.. indeed if taste it deeply will find out the mixture of lime grass with ginger, two combination of taste become one)
3 Colour Delight – RM9.90
(Comment- AKA acb which contain red bean, ‘cincau’, ‘cendol’ and one scope of ice cream. Taste was nice. Suggest time to have it: after a whole day shopping then sit a while and have a cup of it. )
Sub-total – RM62.40
5% Government Tax: RM3.12

10% Service Charge: RM 6.24

Net Total: RM71.76

Overall comment: It was good for those who first time try Vietnamese food and really not a disappointment.
Average Comment: 70%
Environment Inside: Quite small but still can manage to decorate with stylish way.
Table for : 2
*Just now in the comment there was talk about rice sub with the prawn right? Where is the
price list for a plate of Vietnamese stylish prawn? One word “Careless” they didn’t count inside
the bill, so I would consider that dishes are FOC. TQ

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footprint said...

choi lan la, always got nice nice fd to eat...

Life Of Inspiration said...

haahaa.. u also can geh... join me to become my assistant..haha..

footprint said...

haha, becum ur assistant?u issue salary for me ar?hahaha...

Life Of Inspiration said...

no problem...give u eat and drink mai ok lo..haha

*sasa* said...

no no.. at the end of the day u wil die bcoz of kidney cancer.. those food are so high in MSG!!!
choi lan lan u nvr review honestly la.. nvr mention bout the high msg level as i told u to do so!!! =P

Life Of Inspiration said...

to sasa- haha,, ma ma mia.. anyway.. next stop is thailand food o... haha