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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Angus House

Angus HOuse Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Begin with... Mushroom soup [set] : It was okay, better than campbell.
Miguel Torres [ angus House wine ] : RM25
See this glass of wine ? Is awesome right? Inside the glass got another wine bottle: The taste was smooth and can feel the grapes about 2 years...the smell was there.
Seafood Salad: RM20 can really taste the seafood roughly because it was really big in portion.. Nice!
Dessert [ set ]

Lamb [ set ] : RM74
Medium, was nice and really nicer than C.Club in this one. The source was nice.
*there was another dessert didn't show in the picture
Table for : 2
Total : RM155.85
Environmet : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Food : 8/10
*CAN TRY, the environment is really privacy! :-)

6 warm regards:

CaRRiS said...

urgh... c????
sob sob....
da bao for me ma... i so hungry nw.... wuuuuwuuu~ T.T

Life Of Voyage said...

aiya..ta boa not nice ge la.. next time bring u to eat as well ba.. Okay? :-)

CaRRiS said...

u ar?!?!?!??
urgh.... dun wan blieve u.... bluekkk~
u bluff xiu mui mui one...

Life Of Voyage said...

lol.. i where got bluff xiu mui mui wo...

CaRRiS said...

got got got... uncle.. dun bluff le... kekekekkeke......

b honestly, the seafood salad really looks yummy!

Life Of Voyage said...

no no no... didnt bluff single words le..

yaya.. the seafood salad was nice !! :-)can try le..