Life of Continues

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ichiban Boshi

Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion KL
Lot 1.14 Pavilion KL - 03-21416621

Hot Green Tea - RM2.40 ( 2 pax )

Ichiban Jyu - RM19.90

Soft Shell Crab - RM12.90

Una Jyu - RM21.90 (Just nice...)

Sushi Mori Take - RM31.90 (YUMMY) colorful . . .

Table for : 2
Subtotal : RM89.00
10% Gov: RM8.90
5% Serv : RM4.45
Guest to dine : Jun Xiang
Overall : 7/10
Total : RM102.35

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lunch at Quattro

Spring environment... with Summer Restaurant Food

Black Forest ~ RM18.00 ( seem like contain alcohol in this slice of cake )

Heineken ~ RM12.17

Thai Fish Cake ~ RM16.90 ( not bad, can have a TRY ) :)

Sub total : RM47.07
Service Charge : RM4.71
Gov Tax : RM2.35
Total : RM54.10
Guest for dine: Jun Xiang
Place for chill up if really no place to go while need some bar environment ... :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Da On Restaurant

Da On Restaurant @ Level Six Pavilion KL

Is a Korea Cuisine . . .

Jangeo Set ~ RM45.00
contain UNAGI rice ~~~ ;p

Citron Tea ~ RM20.00 (2 pax)
Shihkye ~ RM10.00 NICE!!! RECOMENDED ~~~ :)

Kimchi Ice Cream ~ RM12.00 ( This ice cream a bit spicy )

This restaurant serving Korea food, the food for me was just average and from the photographs above the only tasty for me i will say Shihkye was the nice drink... Well, sometimes if when we go to a nice restaurant, if the food was not as suitable but the environment was cover back then everything gonna be worth. This restaurant from the front door you will probably not interest to go in but once you enter, the feeling was different, the environment was quite a fine dinning, and not much people, so if you want to bring you friends to have a nice environment to chat, this place was suggested!!
Sub total: RM87.00
Service Charge: RM8.70
Gov.Tax : RM4.35
Total : RM100.05
Table for : 3
Guest for dine : Chai Wen & Carl Miew
Overall :
6/10 for the food
8/10 for environment
8/10 for the service

Restaurant SSL noodle

Restaurant SSL Noodle @Taman Desa Setapak KL

Annona Muricata ~ RM3.00

Soya Bean+Cincau

Luo Hon Guo ~RM2.00

Dry Curry Pan Mee

Herbs Soup Pan Mee

Luo Pan Mee

This Pan Mee noodle restaurant was good ! All types of pan mee they have was REALLY tasty, for me i will always order Dry Pan Mee and Herbs Soup Pan Mee.
Overall : 8/10 for the TASTE!!! NICE!!!
Table for : 3
Guest for this Dine : Chai Wen & Carl Miew

Friday, January 1, 2010

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar

Last post for 2009!

Iced Mocha & Iced Chocolate ~ RM11.20 & RM10.80
O'Briens Crambo ~ RM17.50
Total: RM39.50
Both drinks are urgh... Better go Starbucks!!! :-)
Crambo are just get my stomach full :-)
Anyway, this is my last post for year 2009!
Overall : 5/10
Happy New Year ( 2010 )
O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar @ The Curve