Life of Continues

Monday, September 29, 2008

Le Meridein Hotel

No price list : Is buffet.
Comment : Just okey...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

YUZU Japanese Restaurant, The Garden

YUZU Japanese Restaurant.

Begin with... FOC ( eventhough is free, but it is really NO.1 of YUZU.. MUST TRY )

Starter : Good :-)

Nice and MUST TRY also!

Er..this one first bite was nice but after a while just okey...

This one MUST TRY! Really nice, one word "awesome"!

Sushi and tempura, Just okey!

Nice tiramisu !
Nice ! Below have some "kuih muih"

SSC NamaHarumaki - RM12.oo discount 10%
Kaiso Salad - RM18.00 discount 10%
Hotate Aburiyaki - RM35.00 discount 10%
SAN MA Shioyaki - RM39.00
Sushi&Tempura Gz - RM38.00
Kinako Tiramisu - RM8.00 discount 10%
Anmitsu - RM12.00
C YUZU No 1 - FOC due to restaurant celebration.
Service Charge : RM16.20
Government Tax : RM8.10
Table for : 2
Total : RM179.00
Comment : MUST TRY IT ! Better than KAMIYA but the sushi still KAMIYA is the best !
Others food YUZU the best !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan Fish Market

Soup of The Day [ mushroom soup ] – RM7.90
Comment: The soup was a bit sour, maybe is Manhattan style. Haha..

Garlic Butter Mussels – RM16.90
Comment: This is pretty awesome Mussels, the sauce and the mussel was great.

Manhattan Fish & Chip [ Pacific Cod ] – RM19.90
Comment: Nice but too much of French fries.

Strawberry Milk Shakes – RM8.90
Comment : Just okay.

Garlic Bread - FOC

Sub total : RM53.60

Service Charge : RM5.36

Government Tax : RM2.68

Total : RM61.65

Table for : 1

Overall : Good service from the server Zam. Environment was okay, Not to forgot, the Manhattan Fish and Chip can change a bit because it using a … to carry the food, so it making it not nice and perfect.