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Monday, April 28, 2008

Silk Road Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Silk Road Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Starting with..
Chinese Tea-(FOC)

Open Pickel ( Ham Choi )-RM3.00

Eight Teasure Tea-RM5.00

SY PF SnowFlake Dumpling-RM14.00

Noodles With Fragrant-RM20.00

HM Noodles BnSc Beijing-RM14.00

Chilled Lemongrass-RM9.00

Table For : Two
Service Charge : RM6.50
Total : RM71.50
Comment : The eight teasure tea was the nicest tea i have never drink before which is awesome the smell and the taste was great.
Comment : Open pickel just normal.
Comment : Noodles with Fragrant aka ( 4 chun mee ), which won in certain competition telling by the person in Silk Road, but i think the nicest is from ( ming chuan ) but now already change to another new cafe near China town.
Comment : SY PF snowflake Dumpling was pretty cool, the dumpling is better than the Dragon-i.
Comment : Desert; Chilled Lemongrass which contain mixture of strawberry and balley, taste was nice and good.
Overall : Food was great, service was nice and friendly, just need some improvement in environment where decoration inside the restaurant and the menu, name card can improve more where certain customer order food based on the picture where your restaurant menu really don't have any picture and the name card was too simple.
Overall Point : 87%

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KeLLy BaBy said...

wow, look at the food my saliva cums out liao lo... yummy yummy!
after 6th of May, we go watch horror movie ya! hehe