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Monday, April 7, 2008

Li Jin Chinese Fusion Cuisine

Roasted Pigeon RM:72.oo

Tai Seng RM:209.30 -10%discount

Regend Monk Jump Over The Wall RM:58

Roasted Beancurd in Claypot RM:18
Fried Vege with Prawn RM:28

Two Varieties of Lotus Roof RM22

Fried Vege with Garlic RM:10

Towel RM:1

This was the fifth restaurant that I have been at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur which I think outside differ from inside and the food is simple and suitable for business man to have dinner. The food taste was just simple and not much different from outside but I can say not much supplement of taste.


About the two varieties of lotus roof: Nice and crunchy where is just simple and nice

About the roasted beancurd in claypot: The source is tasty where the taufu is normal

About the regend monk jump over the wall: It was my first time taste it, very healthy soup and contain a lot of ingredients.

About the roasted pigeon: It was my first time to taste it also, simple and just like bird, really a bird where people say Hong Kong one nicer, i guess so because not much meat to eat.

About the fried vege with garlic: The simplest and ordinary, my grandma also can make it.

About the fried vege with prawn: This one the vege is different where this vege it have his own smell, something like aromatic.. 7/10

About the Tai Seng: First bite was really tasty, seem like the real yummy fish but after 2nd and 3rd.. the meat a bit elastic, but the price was really mad. I also don't know why,..

About the desert which no picture display:

Li Jin Special Chilled Sago: one word ( NICE)

Lychee Tau Fu Fa: Please Take Note Li Jin Chinese Fusion Cuisine; Take away this menu from your restaurant, it just will drop down your restaurant image. TQ

Others; Rice, Pudding, King Tea, Titbits, etc : No comment

Service Charge: RM:46.38

Goverment Tax: RM:23.19

Total: RM533.35

Overall comment: Is hard to go for second time if not improve more in the environment and the taste of the food. Maybe the decoration of the food is quite important also for attract more people. Can improve more in customer service which not looking down to customer and the most important is react much quickly if customer request. TQ

Dain Ti Hill : 87%

Wong KoK Char Chan Teng: 65%

Madam Kwan's: 74%
Dragon-i: 80%
Li Jin Chinese Fusion Cuisine: 71%
**All rate of score is based on Life Continues experience tasting varieties food in Malaysia, all the comment is based on eater itself and did not mean to curse anyone, it just from the feeling of tasting every nice food and giving out human rights voice.**

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footprint said...

gd job oo, choi lan lan...but if u know the ingredients next time can write it a reader, i would luv to know the ingredients of the wad wad monk jump over the wall....^_^

KeLLy BaBy said...

haha, Coi Lan Lan went to 5 restaurants already... I think these 5 restaurants wil show on Astro soon...keke
The monk jump over the wall is
"FAT TIU CHEONG"? is a nourishing food to build up one's health!