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Saturday, September 27, 2008

YUZU Japanese Restaurant, The Garden

YUZU Japanese Restaurant.

Begin with... FOC ( eventhough is free, but it is really NO.1 of YUZU.. MUST TRY )

Starter : Good :-)

Nice and MUST TRY also!

Er..this one first bite was nice but after a while just okey...

This one MUST TRY! Really nice, one word "awesome"!

Sushi and tempura, Just okey!

Nice tiramisu !
Nice ! Below have some "kuih muih"

SSC NamaHarumaki - RM12.oo discount 10%
Kaiso Salad - RM18.00 discount 10%
Hotate Aburiyaki - RM35.00 discount 10%
SAN MA Shioyaki - RM39.00
Sushi&Tempura Gz - RM38.00
Kinako Tiramisu - RM8.00 discount 10%
Anmitsu - RM12.00
C YUZU No 1 - FOC due to restaurant celebration.
Service Charge : RM16.20
Government Tax : RM8.10
Table for : 2
Total : RM179.00
Comment : MUST TRY IT ! Better than KAMIYA but the sushi still KAMIYA is the best !
Others food YUZU the best !

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eveLyn.:.Banana said...

woah... really fantastic...
YUZU menu have the sets order... sets order more cheaper n worthwhile... anyways, next time if went for any nice japanese restaurant let me know ya..

Life Of Inspiration said...

Nick 2 EveLyn : Ya...really got a lot and fantastic.. Got one King Crab meet..thought of want to order it... ya.. sure will let you know as well.. always update with my blog then you will sure know where got food to eat.. :-)

Li Jia said...

wow. go eat here eat there. enjoying life huh? =)