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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michelangelo's Restaurant-Deli-Bar Pavilion KL

Michelangelo's Restaurant-Deli-Bar Pavilion KL

Spaghetti Con Moecche - RM24.90
Salisbury Shiraz Carbernet - RM44.00
Tiramisu - RM15.90

Table for : 2

10% Service Charge : RM8.48

5% Government Tax : RM4.24

Total : RM97.52

It was a wonderful experience eating and paying next time, Have you ever try before? Better don't try it, first let's comment on the food above:

Spaghetti Con Moecche- Softshell crab with spaghetti, it seem like not mature crab cook with spaghetti, need some improvement on this dishes. The softshell crab for me is not nice.

Salisbury Shiraz Carbernet- Wine Vintage 2004 Australia, just fine...

Tiramisu- Need improvement, too much cream, inside was too soft, cannot taste the feel of a nice tiramisu.

Overall : 5.0/10.0

Service : Just fine, manager handling was okey, but staff need some improvement.

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