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Friday, April 3, 2009

YUZU ( Quality Decline )

Asari Bttr Mushi - RM13.00
"Fresh" Hotate Aburiya - RM55.00 *so called 'fresh'*

Yuzu no.1 - RM20.00

Unagi Mizuno Salad - RM22.00

King Prawn Roll - RM28.00
Total with GOV&SER tax : RM158.70
Table for : 2
Comment : After somewhile didn't go and this time went back to YUZU and try some food there. One word can tell all the story above " Dissapointment " The Yuzu no.1 have not the same taste as the first time i ate and the hotate aburiya is totally sad. Went there with my old friend and thought can taste nice and tasty Japanese food but really don't know how to express my feeling about this time. I called back to YUZU one day after i've been there and talk to the manager regarding the Hotate Aburiya was really bad and some how the price is differ from the last time price, the manager from YUZU telling me that now is the best season of Hotate Aburiya and so call fresh but the taste is sour and the Hotate size was much smaller than last time.
To review back my last time at YUZU please scrool down and view back to YUZU at bottom. TQ
Overall this time : 45% really a food quality decline.

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