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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pasta Zanmai ( Mid Valley )

Begin with . . .
Salmon SSM Ikura WF ~ RM 23.00
Close Up...
Chuka Iidako ~ RM9.00
Ika Sumi WF ~ RM19.00 (Ink Black Pasta, while eating please check your mouth... Sure you will be surprise with what you are eating )
S.S Crab GM ~ RM23.00
Green Tea ~ RM 3.00
Table for ~ 2
Total with Tax ~ RM88.55
Overall : 55/100

5 warm regards:

Anonymous said...

I wan to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-totally freak-

Life Of Continues said...

you ar??? haha.... the only thing i can say is.. See first ba... haha..

SimpleGirl said...

black it sesame or??

Life Of Continues said...

2 Simple Girl: If you see on the menu is some kind like green.. but then come out is a black pasta.. maybe my eyes got problem wrongly see the color in the menu.. but is quite funny la.. when u finish eat.. your mouth is dark dark full of ink.. haha.. :-)

may_欣 said...

omg, i m hungry now... and i miss the food there! XD