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Friday, December 25, 2009

Theobrama CHOCOLATE lounge

Theobrama Chocolate lounge @ The Curve
by COCOMAX Sdn. Bhd

Ms Coco Frap ~ RM12.90

Fair Lady Frap ~RM12.90

Chocolate Affair ~ RM25.90

Table for :2
10% Service Charge:Rm5.17
Total : RM56.85
Well, this Chocolate lounge was great where they provide various kind of drinks via chocolate, the fair lady was my favourite. Ms Coco are not as sweet as Fair Lady but have a bit of bittersweet. For the Chocolate Affair was just good, but the price for the Chocolate Affair seem not so reasonable. So, is your choice to order. :-)
Environment was good for those couple and friends to hang out. ;-)
Overall: 8/10
Addition: Menu should have more various kind beside drinks,desert,waffle,pancake, maybe can introduce various kind of ICE CREAM!!! :-)
Merry Christmas Everyone!

2 warm regards:

karyan said...

I'll feel hungry everytime viewing ur blog even i took my meal, nicholas. i love chocolates!!!! so so so tempting and the price are so much reasonable...."(@@)"

NICHOLAS said...

2 Karyan: LOL... This is what i always hear from my friends...viewing my blog making people hungry!!! Haha... yea, is more reasonable when we use Sg Dollar!!! :)