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Thursday, June 24, 2010

National Geographic Cafe

National Geographic Cafe @ 3rd Floor Lot 10 Shopping Centre Tel : 03-21481823

Cafe Latte Fredo ~ RM10.00

Ice Blended Mocha ~ RM12.00 (2)*

Smoke Salmon Foccaci ~ RM15.00 (2)*

Beef Foccacia ~ RM15.00
Guest to dine : JX & Hoong
Total : RM90.85 + Tax + Service Charge
Comment : It was a nice place to eat and the food was nice and the latte and mocha is yummy, environment was nice, many nat. geo stuff to buy and pictures. The stuff here is quite expensive also. Indeed I fall in love with the water proof bag which cost RM1060. :) Lastly, the menu should upgrade, where everything was nice just the menu is not compatible with the restaurant.
Overall : 7.5/10

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