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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nadeje Cafe

Nadeje Cafe Sdn Bhd @ Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall Tel: 06-2843469

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Original ~ RM9.00
Berry Berry Strawberry ~ Rm9.00
Tiramisu ~ RM9.00

Double Chocolate & Honey Yakult
Blue Mountain?

Thought of want to order all flavour ...end with 5 flavour ~

What is this??? Please clean it UP !!! Later something is falling while we enjoying your thousand layers cake.

Total: RM70.10 + Tax + Service Charge

Overall : 6/10

Comment: Firstly, sorry for lack of info on the name and price list due to some technical difficulty. So this is second visit of Nadeje Cafe with 3 cake baking "sifu", they were impress by the name of thousand layers of cake, so I bring them to taste the cake. They said the cake where just nothing special and just full of layers and layers. Anyway, their taste still the same like previous year I went but the price of one slide have increase RM0.50 compare to last year. This time I saw something different which is the cleanliness of the cafe.

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