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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sushi Tei - The Gardens

Sushi Tei@ LG-210 The Garden Mall - 03-22827635

Green Tea - RM2.00 each
Chuka Lidako -RM6.80

Yakitori Don - RM12.80

Chirashi Don - RM13.80

Rainbow ~ ~ ~
Sakura Rainbow - RM22.80

Total: RM69.83 + Tax + Service Charge

Overall: 6.8/10

Comment: More Sushi restaurant is explode in KL, lets begin back on 1995 where Sushi started in Malaysia and after 16 years, now we have various type of japanese restaurant such as Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai, Jogoya, Kampachi, Tonkatsu, Ryo Zan Tei, Yuzu, Kameya, and many more. This type of Japanese restaurant come and go where some survive the globalization and some will swallow by the big organization. So let's predict in future what type of Japanese restaurant we expect and the trend of eating Japanese food ~

--Photograph taken by Galaxy Note

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klcitizen cikgunormah said...

i never like sushi, chai. but the rainbow looks nice :)

Nicolas said...

why you don't like sushi? Yea ! the rainbow attraction ~ hahaha