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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Silk Road Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao - RM11.00
Baby Kailan - RM16.00
Diced Chicken ( Kong Po Kai Ting ) - RM19.00
Sichuan Spicy Suek Yue - RM43.80
Eight Treasure Tea - RM5.00 each
Sichuan DF bread - RM9.00

Sichuan Pancake Ice Cream - RM9.00

Table for : 3

Government Tax : RM12.88

Total : RM141.70

This is my second time to Silk Road, remind back the nice eight treasure tea, this time i have dinner at here and the dishes recomended here are quite nice too, the best among up there is the Sichuan Spicy Suek Yue, really fresh and the sauce is nice too. This is how i make my donation to Sichuan Earthquake Victims.

2 warm regards:

KeLLy BaBy said...

haha, COI LAN LAN, when u gonna make a donation for me? haha...
next time i make a si chuan sky juice for u, wil u buy? hehe, as donation to kelly and at the same time oso make donation to si chuan wat? hehe

3L said...

hah...?! this is how u donate?! haiyo.. wat la u..! >_<