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Monday, August 11, 2008


Recently I went to this Restaurant near Jalan Alor, the food was... 65%, is an Italy restaurant, sorry for the name of the food because i'm not remember the name and the receipt was not at me so i not so sure about the name and the price.. Hehe... Apple Honey and etc; Dunno the juice call what... On the plate is Italy style mushroom soup, dont judge the soup by its look. Haha..
Strawberry milkshake. The taste was different compare to normal strawberry milkshare because this milkshake you really taste every single strawberry flavour deeply..
Salmon salad, hmm... not really good compare to Pavilion C. Club salmon salad.
Chicken Breast dunno what what... haha.. sorry for the name., average..
Lamb Shank. Not bad.. 7/10... Can Try IT ! !

Environment: Good,
Date: 08/08/08 during the Olympic Opening Ceremony.
Overall: OK!

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*Lisha* said...

shud hav tried the pork ribs!!!
btw nvr layan my sms today????? WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAT MAAAANNNN?????

Life Of Inspiration said...

ya...i saw the menu wrote pork wat wat wat...but didn't order it, i didn't bring my hp, so mai late reply your msg lo..

may_欣 said...

yo.. u very kaya de hor??

Life Of Inspiration said...

2 MaY_: lol.. where got???