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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KAMEYA Japanese Restaurant&Pub

Apple Juice - RM5.00
Green Tea
Salmon Sashimi - RM25.00> This is pretty awesome salmon, the slice is really big, is actually 5 pcs but too hungry already, so after eat only remember to take photo. MUST TRY!
Shake.O & Ume Origiri - RM3.00 per pcs > Not so nice, no comment for it !
Rainbow Maki - RM28.00 > you see the color already know that nice right? Haha.. Not bad..
Una Don - RM28.00> This is the common Una Don but the taste is GOOD! MUST TRY!
Tempura Soba - RM23.00>Just normal...
Include with Tempura Soba.
Table for : 2
5% Gov. Tax - RM5.75
Net Total - RM115.00
10% Service Charge - RM11.50
Total - RM132.25
Overall: 7.5/10

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Watashi-Sim said...

Quite nice...
But where is this restaurant anywayz?

Watashi-Sim said...

Where is the location?