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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The C.Club Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The C. Club Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pandan Salmon Starter – RM 32.00
Lobster Spaghetti – RM35.00
Lamb Loin – RM55.00
Yoghurt Panna Pudding – RM16.00
Tiramisu – RM20.00Malibu – RM16.00(behind the red wine)
Long Mountain Pinotage 2003, South Africa Red Wine (Glass) – RM25.00

Service Charge : RM19.90

Government Tax: RM9.95

Total : RM228.90

Table for : 2

Comment: The C. club Pavilion give us a luxury feeling and the feeling of tasting some elegant food. Service was very good; the waiters are good smiling and good manners. Just if can make this place more stylish and elegant then I will say is the best in Pavilion.

Comment on Food : Starter, you will thought pandan salmon will be quite a heavy for a starter but after tasted you will feel that it was as heavy as you think. The salmon was very fragrant and smooth.

Comment on lamb loin –medium-: I think this is the meat that where I never had so nice before where, fantastic accompany with red wine.

Comment on lobster spaghetti: The lobster meat was fresh where..(partner taste it)

Comment on Yoghurt Panna Pudding: This desert was actually quite simple, but is give us a taste of smoothie, but it also have a incorrect combination where on top on the pudding if don’t have nut will be better or change something juicy or creamy stuff.

Comment on Malibu: No comment ( was tasted by partner, she said was just fine )

Comment on Red wine : I’m not sure what point will give by wine spectrometer, but this wine was quite fragrant, red ruby in color, and is nice.

Overall : 90% (consider the highest point in Pavilion )

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