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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Restaurant SSL noodle

Restaurant SSL Noodle @Taman Desa Setapak KL

Annona Muricata ~ RM3.00

Soya Bean+Cincau

Luo Hon Guo ~RM2.00

Dry Curry Pan Mee

Herbs Soup Pan Mee

Luo Pan Mee

This Pan Mee noodle restaurant was good ! All types of pan mee they have was REALLY tasty, for me i will always order Dry Pan Mee and Herbs Soup Pan Mee.
Overall : 8/10 for the TASTE!!! NICE!!!
Table for : 3
Guest for this Dine : Chai Wen & Carl Miew

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karyan said...

i always dine in to this shop last time when im still in kl.. at least twice a week. purposely travel from subang to setapak to taste it.. haha ..irresistable noodles.....and put a lot of chillie paste inside the noodle...yummy....u made my saliva drooling again nicholas!!!!

NICHOLAS said...

Woo!!! From subang to here... haha... my house to here very near only... i been this restaurant few times, but then always forgot to post about this restaurant.. ;) yea their noodle was nice!! :) at China Town there, got one Pan Mee stall quite nice also!!! :)