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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Da On Restaurant

Da On Restaurant @ Level Six Pavilion KL

Is a Korea Cuisine . . .

Jangeo Set ~ RM45.00
contain UNAGI rice ~~~ ;p

Citron Tea ~ RM20.00 (2 pax)
Shihkye ~ RM10.00 NICE!!! RECOMENDED ~~~ :)

Kimchi Ice Cream ~ RM12.00 ( This ice cream a bit spicy )

This restaurant serving Korea food, the food for me was just average and from the photographs above the only tasty for me i will say Shihkye was the nice drink... Well, sometimes if when we go to a nice restaurant, if the food was not as suitable but the environment was cover back then everything gonna be worth. This restaurant from the front door you will probably not interest to go in but once you enter, the feeling was different, the environment was quite a fine dinning, and not much people, so if you want to bring you friends to have a nice environment to chat, this place was suggested!!
Sub total: RM87.00
Service Charge: RM8.70
Gov.Tax : RM4.35
Total : RM100.05
Table for : 3
Guest for dine : Chai Wen & Carl Miew
Overall :
6/10 for the food
8/10 for environment
8/10 for the service

2 warm regards:

karyan said...

is it come in big big portion?
did u guys full after having it?
seems nice but i think its quite pricy lo..haha

NICHOLAS said...

2 Karyan: the portion for Unagi for one person le..others like vege, etc are very small... Yea, the price a bit high le... ;0 just enjoy the environment inside coz not much people and quite silent... :)