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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poco Homemade

Poco Homemade Cafe & Atelier @ Bangsar Tel : 03-22875688 Close on : Monday

Hot & Cold Tea

Cold Tea
Green Tea Red Bean Pudding

Chocolate Cake


Japanese Pancake
Set Lunch Japanese Tauhu & Ginger Chicken
Omeletle Rice with Curry

Total : 54++
Table for : 2
Comment: The location of Poco is nearby NSTP, if you found out NSTP then just go round at Jalan Kurau then you will see this blue color cafe. The environment inside is unique combination color and handmade stuff. Making the environment which you have the feeling of back to a old day cafe, the food was simply YUMMY, but too bad, today we did not have the chance to taste the TAUHU CAKE, as they say the chef today did not make it and today they have chocolate cake. So, if you really want to taste their taufu cake then probably give them a call and ask whether they have it on that day or not. The chocolate cake was nice, I still prefer the Green Tea pudding. The pink color sushi was nice and YUMMY, overall the place was good and the food is nice.
Overall: 8.5/10

3 warm regards:

karyan said...

the food presentation is nice and attractive...colorful as well...
but issit really nice?
issit at jalan telawi bangsar?

Nikolaos said...

not at jalan telawi, at jalan kurau.. near New Straits Times Press there... :) yea.. the food is nice and have home made taste... :)

CK ;-p said...

eh nice place oh,..must pay a visit when got chance,..

CK ;-p