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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poco Homemade

Poco Homemade ( 2nd VISIT )

Good Food Never Comes Once... for the previous post of Poco Homemade, please click HERE.

Ice Lemon Tea ~ RM4.50
Honey Dew ~ RM5.50

Poco Choco ~ RM6.00 (NICE)

UCC Coffee ( NICE!!! ) ~ RM5.00

Tauhu Cake ~ RM7.50

Noodles ~RM11.80
Omelette Rice with Curry ~ RM11.80

Fish Katsu Curry Don ~ RM14.80

Unagi Don ~ RM24.80 ( portion quite small ) but simply AWESOME the taste ! :)

Total : RM99.20
Comment : This time manage to catch with Tauhu Cake which was last time I miss out... The taste of tauhu cake is just fine but this time I really like their Unagi Don. Really much better than any others restaurant. :)

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