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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Moussandra Mediterranean Restaurant ( Tel : 03-21440775)

Tzatziki (Tapas) ~ RM9.00
Double Espresso ~ RM12.00
Hot Mocha ~ RM13.00
Vanilla Creme Brulee ~ RM6.00
Marinara ~ RM32.00
Salmon Plancha ~ RM49.00

Total : RM139.15 + service charge + tax

Table for : 2

Comment : The Tzatziki is nice for a starter which the bread is soft and the sauce is simply nice, the marinara is fine and the taste is good. Next, the Salmon is really big portion and the price is reasonable for a big salmon. Hot mocha is just fine and nothing special... Overall, one thing have to be improve the time for the dine, where after order it take about 40mins only the food serve where we have finish our drinks.. Environment is okay and service is fine.

Overall : 7.5/10

3 warm regards:

謝可妃 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

karyan said...

ha, nik, nowadays u r lazy to post the venue for the nice place already..XD

Nikolaos said...

2 Karyan: not lazy le... now assignment season...thats why seldom go out try new restaurant.. :) will update soon.. hehehe... ;)