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Friday, November 5, 2010


Room 18 @ Fahrenheit 88

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Choose anyone from this and add RM1.80 for second plate...

Fresh Prawn Wanton with Noodle in Hot Soup ~ RM11.80 ( fine )
Pumpkin Fried Rice ~ RM12.80 ( sad + poor )
Signature Fried Rice ~ RM15.80 ( poor )
Mango Sago Dessert ~ *** ( where is the Mango? waiter say Mango finish already )
Pumpkin Cream ~ RM4.80 ( fine )
Crispy Lotus Root with Salted Egg York ~ RM1.80 ( average )

Total ~ RM63.00+tax+service charge

Comment : ONE word can define everything, BAD! Firstly, if compare to other Room 18, this will be sadly to be say, last time I went to Room 18 Time Square and their food is simply nice which will lead me for second visit. But after going this Room 18, probably is the last time for it. The service is poor, food serve are poor, the Pumpkin Fried Rice is cold then have to send to re-cook again, mango desert without MANGO, sad to comment more regarding this restaurant. Some more one of the chef is from Tai Thong, come on ! Improve PLEASE and don't because of this one Room 18 cause other Room 18 reputation drop. Thank you.

Overall : 4/10

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