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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Loaf Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The Loaf Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Deep Freeze Latte - RM8.90
Coco Jumbo - RM10.00
The Loaf Caesar Salad - RM18.00
Cajun Lobster Pasta - RM44.00
Lamb Chop Provenca - RM40.00

Service Charge 10% - RM12.08

Government Tax 5% - RM6.04

Total - RM138.90

Table for : 2

Comment :

Deep freeze latte: Unexpected ! is made up from freeze ice. Intelligent idea !

Coco Jumbo : Don't know nice or not because didn't try it because friend try it. Friend said not bad.

The Loaf Caesar Salad : Mixture of fried tomato and vegetables with a different taste compare to normal salad, this salad gives us a taste where is seem like a normal dishes but it is different from what we think.

Cajun Lobster Pasta : Thought of want to eat a great meal of lobster but this lobster is just an accompany dishes for the pasta where the pasta is the main idea of this dishe. The pasta is just nice but combination of taste a bit weird because of the spicy taste.

Lamb Chop Provenca: Yup, this is the dishes i like the most from dish up there. The lamb chop taste was great. Must try it.

Service: Good ! Really have the standard.

Overall : 83%

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Anonymous said...

cajun lobster pasta of course it will b spicy...because cajun spic is spicy...haha...