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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Apartment Western Courtyard, The Curve

The Apartment Western Courtyard, The Curve

The environment

Butterfish - RM27.90
Hampstead Steak - RM44.90

CockTails Pink Magarita - RM23.90
Glass wine Tyrell Red - RM22.90
Starter Oriental Platter - RM19.90
Dessert Strawberry Parfait - RM10.90

Dessert Cup Cake - RM4.00 ( no display picture)

Service Charge - RM15.04

Government Tax - RM7.52

Total : RM181.00

Table for : 2

Comment : This place was average where was located at ground floor the curve. If can make this place more private and not let so many outsider walkers seing us eat then will be much better.

Starter was nice, combination of three dishes. mango, laici, sotong, potato, etc.

Red wine: Red ruby color and smell was quite fragrant.

Red Meet: Medium.. Not bad..can try it

Butterfish: Recomended, tasty.

Strawberry Parfait: Good

Cocktails: (comment for friend say weird but after that use to it, then enjoy it)

Overall: 76%

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