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Saturday, December 20, 2008

MARCHE Restaurant

"It's a Market Place Restaurant"

This is so called "Pasport" to enter this restaurant !
The environment begin with ...

The food begin with ...

This time also don't have the price list due to the restaurant was out of electricity,while i want to make payment, so i didn't get the recipt. Total is RM80++, it is wonderful to go into a restaurant where you will get a "passport" to order your food, you have to choose your food like at market then somebody will cook for you. The environment was really suprised from the outside restaurant where in the inside was "wow"... The food is just average but for those who like to feel the environment inside, no doubt it was a great experience because is some kind like a market and is big actually.
Overall : 50% for food, 70% for service, 87% for environment. :-)

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