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Thursday, December 25, 2008


A Vegeterian Connoissieum at 1Utama
Fish Head Bi Hun

Fried Rice [ the rice was nice to see but not nice to eat due to too much water ]
Rosted Duck [ the duck was nice and the rice was same not nice ]

Mutton [ Mutton was nice and the rice as same above ]

Salad [ average ]
Total : RM70++
Overall : 45%
Service : 40%
Environment : 65%
Comment : The food actually is nice and can be much better, just the rice like someone don't know how to cook the rice therefore spoil the whole meal. Haiz... Improve a bit la.. This restaurant was establish at my hometown first at Kampar, Perak.

2 warm regards:

CaRRiS said...

hahaha... its good to eat veg... since u so old liao.. hahahahhaha.... and banyak berdosa la u cuz alwaz bully me

Life Of Voyage said...

......u ar.. always say i bully u.. ish ish... yala yala.. will eat more that can help to cure your sin as well.. haha..